Semalt Expert Defines A Helpful Website Scraping Tool

Website eXtractor is designed to download the whole website for offline usage. It is one of the most beneficial and powerful tools. You just have to insert the URL you want to download data from, and Website eXtractor will perform its function instantly, giving you accurate and desired results.

Suitable For Researchers, Marketers, And Journalists:

Website eXtractor is not only good for students, businessmen, marketing executives, but also ideal for journalists, researchers and equity analysts. There are times when you need access to a website while offline, or you want to backup your important files, but your hosting company doesn't provide this option. With Website eXtractor, it is easy to backup your files as the whole content gets downloaded to your hard disk instantly. Researchers can download research papers, e-books and other data from the Internet. Similarly, digital marketers and journalists can download data to boost their businesses.

Access Web Content Easily:

With Website eXtractor, you can easily access the web content and can accomplish some tasks. Some websites and blogs don't stay online forever; if you want to access their data, you may either have to backup the files or use Website eXtractor. Backing up files can take a lot of time and energy. In contrast, Website eXtractor will make your work easier and will let you access the entire site offline. It means you can access a particular site's content anytime, anywhere.

Compatible With Tablets, Smartphones And Computer Devices:

One of the major features of Website eXtractor is that it is compatible with almost all devices, such as smartphones, computer devices, and tablets. In fact, this tool allows you to save any site to your mobile phone so that it can be viewed offline. What makes Website eXtractor different from other similar application is that it saves the whole webpage to your device. It means you can download text, images, audio and video files without any problem.

Move The Content To A Removable Device:

With Website eXtractor, you cannot only download the entire site but also can move its content to a removable device such as floppy disk and CD-ROM. This tool can download up to 100 files to your computer system in a matter of minutes. It triggers the pages to be saved on your device, and the whole process takes a couple of seconds.

Change The HTML Links:

With Website eXtractor, you can turn the HTML links to desirable names and can grow your business. You can also edit an HTML link, or make other changes with this comprehensive service. Once a site is downloaded, it will either be stored locally on your hard disk or mobile memory. You can also save parts of it in Website eXtractor's database based on your requirements. We can whiz through the saved pages at lightning speed.

Website eXtractor comes with a user-friendly interface and is compatible with almost all operating systems and web browsers. This tool comes both in free and paid versions and ensures top-notch and quality results.